200 mountains
240 peaks over 2000 m
20 national parks
19 UNESCO heritage sites
2000 km of rivers
200 natural lakes
15000 caves
38000 registered animal and plant species
70000 archaeological sites

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World’s largest karst area

Europe’s deepest canyon: Tara river

Europe’s last primeval forests: Perućica and Biogradska gora

The highest mountain peak is: Maja Jezercë

The highest mountains are: Velebit, Dinara, Maglić, Durmitor, Prokletije

What is the Dinaric rally?

Public gathering organized for the following reasons:

  • The promotion of the Dinaric alps as the ultimate rally destination
  • Protection and conservation of the natural environment of the Dinarides.
  • Sustainable development.
  • Positive impact on the micro-economy of the area.
  • Raising of environmental awareness among the riders.

Cross Country Rally organized in countries of Dinaric Alps

Moto Cross COuntry Rally in Dinarides mountains

Dinarides are a mountain range in Southern and Southeastern Europe. They are spread over nearly 646 kilometers, from Italy, through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

The Dinaric is organized by UNTAMED Motorcycle Expeditions

UNTAMED takes you on unforgettable motorcycle expeditions, ridden almost entirely offroad.

Our expeditions will ask you to push your bike and yourself to the max. In return you’ll get spectacular scenery and the best rides of your life.


4 reasons

why do we organize Dinaric Rally

A unique and intense experience

The Dinaric Alps are one of the rawest and largest mountain ranges in Europe. Driving through harsh limestone cliffs, crossing wild mountain rivers, barren wilderness, rough thorny shrubs, serene lush mountain plateaus, deep mud and perfect macadam for speeding. The Dinarides are and area of great diversity and you will experience all of this in just a single day.

The Dinarides are undiscovered… Till now!

Unlike their super trendy cousins the European Alps, the Dinaric Alps have remained untouched and yet to be discovered. This is one of the last places in Europe where you can still find that true, primeval wilderness, both in nature that surrounds you and if you stare deep into the souls of the local community.

No one else can do it

Europeans have traditionally polished their rally riding skills on other continents and this whole part of Europe, The Dinarides especially, have been completely forgotten. Till now!

There have been attempts to organize rallies in the last couple of years by people who aren’t locals. They do not understand the alchemy of the Dinarides. They do not understand the history, tradition, mythology, mentality of the Dinarides. They do not have this spiritual and occult connection with these mountains.

To organize the rally in the way in which we intend to, one truly must ”breathe” the mountains.

To serve and protect the Dinarides

We have incorporated high standards of environmental protection and nature conservation into our rally rules. All riders, organization staff, spectators and all others related with the rally will have to abide by the rules.

We donate part of the proceeds of the Rally to local wildlife and nature conservation organizations.

We are passionate about riding, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this at all. But, above everything else, we worship nature! The protection and preservation of nature is our primary motive for organizing this rally.

2021 route / stages

Approximate route map

An approximate route map with principle route, mileage and trail conditions will be released in April 2021.

Preliminary route map

A preliminary route map with basic information will be released after the spring trail check.

Official map of each trail

An official map of each stage with all the details, including the type of terrain, mileage, conditions, technical requirements, restrictions and all other details, will be announced on the day the trail starts