Competitors Registration Form

Dinaric Rally 2022


IMPORTANT! Please note that whether you are registering yourself or someone else, it is of highest importance that all the data entered below are correct. Email, phone and all other data must be unuque for every rider. If you are regiustering someone else, mke sure to use her / his data, not yours!
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Please upload two photos: 1. Your profile photo (cca 400 x 500) - for use on Dinaric live tracking system 2. Social media photo (1080 x 1920) - for use in our social media and channel of communication. 3. Photo must be in .jpg or .png format. By uploading photos you agree that we can use them.
We would like to know more about you! Please enter your short rider's biography. Write whatever you think is important or just inform us about your sporting successes, rallies you raced, or your long-term plan... Submitting info here you agree that we can use it for your "rider's portrait" and publish it in our social media and else.


Chose the category you want enter the rally in. Rally FIM category is FIM licenced. All the riders entering this category must have FIM Rally licence. Rally categories are navigated by ROADBOOK only. DARE category is navigated by GPS only.
Before you apply for Malle Moto, make sure to read Malle Moto rules and regulations
IMPORTANT!! All the perssonel, supporters, family members and / or any other team managers or members that intend to use the Bivouac facilities and / or enter the bivouac at any time must be registrated! Team managers are obligated to take care of their team members and are responsible for the registration of all the members of their team. Solo riders are responsible for the registration of their supporters, family members, friends and others. For the registration of all non-competitors (team members, family members, suportesr, media team, friends and others) separate registration forms will be availible. Registration of non-competitors will be also possible through the email:




PLEAS READ CAREFULY BEFORE YOU CONTINUE!! The team leader reserves a place for the whole his team. Solo rider (not member of the team) needs to reserve enough space for himself only. Space in the Bivouac is limited!
Teams (and competitors with own support) are allowed to have their own assistance vehicles.
Assistance vehicle must be registred in Assistance category and will be charged a fee!
Detailed information about the Assistance vehicles you can find in Supplementary Regulations If you want to register an Assistance vehicle, additional form will be send to you email.