Giveaway rules


UNTAMED Sport Club, in the period from March 8 2022 to August 14 2022, announces the Giveaway “Road 2 Dinaric” (hereinafter: Giveaway) intended for Dinaric 2022 participants (riders, mechanics, team managers and others).


UNTAMED Sport Club,

Address: Čerinina 13 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

OIB: 18990365202


The giveaway is organized in order to promote the Dinaric Rally and to motivate, encourage creativity and promote authors and their works. The goal of the Giveaway is also to collect multimedia content for further use in the promotion of the Dinaric Rally.


Giveaway is intended for all Dinaric Rally 2022 participants (riders, mechanics, team managers, support personnel and others) 


In order to be able to participate (publish content, tag, etc.) as well as to join the giveaway, you have to to follow us on:

and subscribe to our Youtube channel


Any form of content is allowed: text, photo, video, graphics, drawing, infographics, illustration, animation… as long as the content is available in digital format and can be distributed through modern social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok…


It is important that, when editing the content, you take care of the “final destination”, i.e. that the content is formatted (dimensions, duration, style, etc.) in accordance with the standards of each social media site. The same content can be customized and published on as many different platforms as you wish. The more the better.


Content will be considered successfully submitted if:

  • it is published on social media and other online communication channels
  • the author informed us by sending us an email of links of the published content to following e-mail address: road2dinaric@dinaricrally.com


If applicable, content should be published / posted with:

  • hashtag #road2dinaric
  • tag @dinaricrally
  • keywords “Road 2 Dinaric”
  • link to Dinaric official web: www.dinaricrally.com


By submitting the content, the author agrees that UNTAMED Sport Club has the right to use the content for its own needs and to publish and distribute the content in any way.

Submitted content must be the property of the person submitting it. Content must not be someone else’s copyrighted work to which the applicant does not have rights to use, share, publish, distribute or edit.

UNTAMED Sport Club undertakes that the received content will not in any way and without the consent of the author: change, adapt or sell the content to third parties.


Content can be published at any time and all the time, from the start of this giveaway, regardless of the content type (text, photo, video,…) or post format (story, reels, post, Youtube video,…).


There is no limit to content posting. The more the better. Author can publish an unlimited number of posts with unlimited amount of content, where each post / publish will be considered a separate submission and will thus be evaluated separately.


Creatives are not fond of a non-creative jury. We understand that very well. Therefore this jury is made up EXCLUSIVELY out of people who get it and judge EXCLUSIVELY the area of their expertise.

  1. Simon Marčić – 5 times Dakar finisher in Malle Moto
  2. Filip Filkovic Philatz – movie director, graphic designer, artist and musician.
  3. Perica Matijevic – multimedia professional. Dinaric Rally organizer.
  4. Audience *

*Everyone will be able to vote. Likes on social networks are considered to be the voice of the audience. Two votes (points) will be awarded to the content that wins the most likes in total, i.e. on all social media sites and all other channels on which content was published. One vote (point) will be given the content that is second in the number of votes on all networks.


Every month, on Dinaric Rally social media, we will publish the most liked (popular) content of the month, with credits to the author and a symbolic award.

On August 21, 2022, at the opening of the Dinaric Rally, the content that won third place will be published.

August 22, 2022, we will publish the content that won 2nd place.

August 23, 2022, we will publish the content that won 1st place.

A compilation of all the content we have collected, with the credits to all the authors, will be shown / published during the rally on screens at the rally bivouac as well as on other available channels of communications.

All the awarded content will be presented on screen in the bivouac as well as all published on all available channels of communication every day after the announcement


  1. Best content: Dinaric 2023 Entry Fee in any. category / class
  2. Second Best content: UNTAMED Roadbook Boot Camp Entry (www.untamedacademy.com/camp)
  3. Third best content: Dinaric 2022 Jersey and t-shirt


The authors of the best content will be contacted by e-mail and the information about the selected works will be available at least three months after the announcement. The authors will be able to takeover vouchers (1st and 2nd award) and jersey (3rd award) in the rally camp from the announcement moment till the last day of the rally.


The organiser commits to a personal data protection of the participants in accordance to the Execution of the General Regulations of the Data Protection Law. The organiser commits to process only the most necessary personal data of the participants, relevant to a Giveaway undertake. The participant has the right, at any times, to withdraw their consent and request to end any further processing of their data, by sending request on e-mail address: road2dinaric@dinaricrally.com.


The organiser has the right to cancel, end or pause the Giveaway in case of a higher force, manipulation, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical malfunction, human mistake out of organiser¨s control, if it threatens the management, security, justice, ethics or correct undertake of the Giveaway. The organiser has the right to change the rules during the Giveaway.