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Dinaric Rally

Entry Fees

Early bird

Until January 1st
Limited to 25 entries!!
Rally M1 – M6 €900
Rally Q €1000
Rally SSV €1200
DARE! M1-M2 €800
DARE! Q €900
DARE! SSV €1100


January 1st – June 1st
Rally M1 – M6 €990
Rally Q €1100
Rally SSV €1320
DARE! M1-M2 €880
DARE! Q €990
DARE! SSV €1210

Last chance

June 1st – August 15th
Rally M1 – M6 €1089
Rally Q €1210
Rally SSV €1452
DARE! M1-M2 €968
DARE! Q €1089
DARE! SSV €1331


  • Vehicle recovery and assistance*
  • Registration / technical verification
  • Collective group third party liability insurace
  • Specialized Safety teams
  • Specialized Assistance teams
  • Riders rescue in case of accidents
  • Welcome pack
  • Roadbook
  • Online Tracking
  • Finisher medal

NOT Included

  • Tracking devices
  • GPS devices/navigation assistance
  • Rider’s personal insurances
  • Navigation equipment
  • Navigation equipment assistance
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Fuel
  • Vehicle
  • Any spare parts
  • Tires
  • Anything else that is not stated as “included”

Mandatory Fees

Tracking device

Important note: Riders pay directly to the tracking device provider, on the spot, on the registration day. Payment with usual credit cards. 

FIM €130
M1 – M6 €130
Q €130
SSV €130
DARE! €130

Bivouac Pass for non-competitors

For team members, family, suporters…

Per person* €100

*Free of charge for children 12 years old and younger.

Optional / other Fees

Roadbook Rally training

All Rally Classes riders are expected to be have experience  in roadbook navigation and handling of their roadbook navigation devices. In case of need for assistance, our Roadbook assistance team will be available in the Rally bivouac.

If you are interested in Roadbook Rally training prior to the start of the Dinaric Rally, you can join us at one of our Roadbook trainings

*Vehicle recovery and assistance

Includes 2 recoveries per competitor/vehicle. Additional recoveries will be charged separatelly

All classes 0,5 eur / km

Tracking Device Instalation Kit

There will be no any specific instalation kit for tracking & safety devices in 2024. More information on tracking & safety devices here

All classes €0eur

Private Assistance Vehicle

Teams (and competitors with own support) are allowed to have their own assistance vehicles. Assistance vehicle must be registred in Assistance category and will be charged a fee!

Fee for assistance vehicle includes:

  • GPS tracks for service routes
  • Tracking devices and access to online monitoring system for the support vehicle(s)
  • Technical assistance and medical assistance for support personnel
1 support vehicle €225

GPS navigation assistance

All riders are expected to have previous experience in handling of their GPS devices. In case of need for assistance, our GPS assistance team will be available in the rally Bivouac

Maps installing €25 for all stages
Tracks installing €15 / stage

Disclaimer:  Complications with the devices are possible. In case of device(s) malfunction(s) the owner of the device takes all  responsibility. All the riders are advised to get to know their devices prior to the start of the rally.