Dinaric Rally Visual identity

Here you can find and download graphic elements of Dinaric Rally Visual identity.

You are free to use all graphic elements as long as you fllow these simple rules:

  1. No disorting, flipping or stratching.
  2. No combining with any other brand logo or any other graphinc elements.
  3. Respect “safe area” around the Dinaric Logo (or / and elements). the safe zone is represented by a margin of 10% of the total width and a margin of 10% of the total height of the logo or element. When using Dinarid Logo / elements, any other graphinc or textual elements must not intrude this “safe area”
  4. Dinaric Rally logo colors are black or white. No other colors of the logo / elements are allowed. Use black and white color only!
  5. Placing Dinarc Logo on coloured background (any collor, pattern or so) is allowed as long as contrast is high and DInaric Logo is easily recognizible

Graphic elements

Logo Black .svg

Logo White .svg

Logo Black .png

Logo White . png

Boy Black .svg

Boy White .svg

Boy Black .png

Boy White .png

Text Black .svg

Text White .svg

Text Black .png

Text White .png


Feel free to use any photo you can find on our web pages or in our gallery under the following conditions:

  1. Allways mention the source of the photos
  2. If author is stated in photos description, allways give a credits to Author. If Author is not stated, always give a credits to Dinaric Rally
  3. No photo editing, cropping, stretching, disorting or any other manipulation is allowed unless you get written permission from the organizer.
  4. No other brands logo added on / over photos is allowed unless you get written permission from the organizer.
  5. Using photos for promoting other brands, events, projects is strictly forbidden!

If not sure are you allowed to use photo, contact us!