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8 – 14 September


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Rev up your engines and join the ride with Dinaric Rally Raid, Europe’s fastest growing rally!

Welcome to Dinaric Rally, the ultimate off-road adventure racing event in the Balkans. Our rally takes participants through some of the most beautiful and most challenging terrain in the region, with a focus on navigation, endurance, and the thrill of the race.

Rally is open to motorcycles, quads and SSVs, and features a variety of stages and time trials. With its combination of high-speed racing, technical challenges, and breathtaking scenery, Dinaric Rally is the perfect destination for seasoned rally riders but also for motorsport enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

There are two main Categories in the Dinaric: Rally and DARE!

The rally category in 2024 welcomes both seasoned professionals and newcomers venturing into their first real rally experience. Dubbed the Croatian Dakar, it offers the perfect opportunity to push boundaries in the stunning Dinarides. Our adventure category, the DARE!, is tailored for those who prioritize enjoyment over competition, offering a chance to savor the beauty of Croatia while slowly progressing through waypoints. Open to all skill levels, the DARE is also ideal for those learning roadbook navigation or seeking a warm-up before their debut rally.

The Dinaric Rally has quickly established its name as a challenging Cross-Country Rally Raid where like-minded rally addicts come to race and test all of their riding skills as they tackle tough terrain through the most spectacular outback of the Dinaric Alps.

It is a rally addict’s dream. The special stages are grueling, where you will ride through endless fields, razor-sharp rocks, hills, mountains, rivers, ancient bridges, and more. With the scorching sun, unforgiving wind Bura, deep blue sea, green meadows, and wild horses, navigating this mesmerizing terrain is a challenge.

Individuals and racing teams come from all over the world. Whether you’re an experienced rally racer or a first-time participant, you’ll find plenty of challenges and opportunities to push your skills to the limit.

Join us for the ultimate off-road adventure racing experience and see why Dinaric Rally is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and challenging events in the rally racing world. BUT, remember this: Dinaric rider trains harder! 😉

Dinaric Rally Raid 2024

180,00 1.452,00 

The ultimate rally challenge awaits: Are you ready for the Dinaric Rally?

At Dinaric Rally, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and the local communities we visit. Our rally is not just about the competition, but also about fostering a sense of community and respect for the environment.

And finally, the rally Bivouac. The heart of the rally. The place where everyone gathers after a hard day of riding to lick their wounds, fix their weary bikes, share their experiences from the special stages and wash the dust from their throats with a cold beer.

So, what are you waiting for?

“From the starting line to the finish, the Dinaric Rally is an adrenaline-fueled adventure”

Rally starts in:


Location / Bivoauc

  • A huge area for trucks, motorhomes, cars and tens. Morning and evening shade in case of hot weather.
  • Heavy trucks friendly. We are building the surface / road so trucks can enter / exit the camping area.
  • More than enough showers and toilets built just for us.
  • Most likely one of the best local, traditional restaurants in Dalmatian backcountry. Riders from our Untamed Riding Academy trainings will confirm
  • A huge terrace under the shade of old trees. Just beautiful, you will see!
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit because we have nice little swimming pool. To decide to take a rest day will be easier than ever!
  • A huge area for the briefings with top notch surround (or what is the buzzword in todays audio systems industry ? ) system.
  • More than enough power sources around the camping area @ Restoran-Hotel Kod Šukija

Routes / Terrain

Dinaric Rally is staged over varied terrain and is intended to test the skill, the endurance of competitors, and the reliability of their machines. Moreover, this discipline also tests the navigating skills of the Rally competitors.

The terrain consists of natural landscapes and is not modified by the organiser. The route can consist of:

  • Mountains, rocky sections
  • Rivers, dry riverbeds, mud tracks
  • Open public road
  • Natural vegetation, bushes, high grass, forests
  • Asphalt roads, off road tracks
  • Rough terrain
  • Severe weather

Rally consists 6 riding days: Prologue + 5 long day stages. 


Navigation in professional rally classes is exclusively through roadbooks, either in paper or digital formats. In the amateur class, GPS navigation is also permitted. Each night before the briefing, drivers will receive or be sent roadbooks and GPS tracks. During the briefing, any potential changes to roadbooks or tracks will be communicated to all participants. 


Our proven safety system encompasses a skilled team of experienced rescuers from the local mountain rescue service who know the terrain like the back of their hands. Alongside them, we have off-road emergency vehicles, doctors on motorcycles, and cutting-edge tracking and safety devices that warn riders of potential hazards but also enable communication, ensuring constant contact with drivers. This real-time monitoring adds an extra layer of security, allowing riders to focus on roadbook navigation and riding. More about the devices

Tracking / Scoring

Our 2023 tracking device has been carefully developed to meet specific needs of our riders, considering the terrain that dominates the Dinaric Alps and taking into account various scenarios we experienced as well as inputs / reviews of numerous riders during the past 4 years of the Dinaric Rally’s existence.


Sunday, September 8th

  • 8:00 application for administrative verification and technical check
  • 10:00 – start of administrative verification and technical check
  • 19:00 – rally opening ceremony and welcome party

      Monday, September 9th – Day 1 (prologue)

      • 7:00 START for RALLY
      • 8:00 START for DARE
      • 19:30 – 20:30 briefing

            Tuesday, September 10th – Day 2

            • 7:00 START for RALLY
            • 8:00 START for DARE
            • 19:30 – 20:30 briefing

                    Wednesday, September 11th – Day 3

                    • 7:00 START for RALLY
                    • 8:00 START for DARE
                    • 19:30 – 20:30 briefing

                              Thursday, September 12th – Day 4

                              • 7:00 START for RALLY
                              • 8:00 START for DARE
                              • 19:30 – 20:30 briefing

                                          Friday, September 13th – Day 5

                                          • 7:00 START for RALLY
                                          • 8:00 START for DARE
                                          • 19:30 – 20:30 briefing

                                                      Saturday, September 14th – Day 6

                                                        • 7:00 START for RALLY
                                                        • 8:00 START for DARE
                                                        • 16:00 podium / prize giving ceremony
                                                        • 20:00 Party

                                                        General Information

                                                        The Rally

                                                        Dinaric Rally is a sporting event that takes place on a variety of grounds and is designed to demonstrate the skills, endurance of competitors and reliability of their machines. In addition, as one of the most important distinguishing factors, in this discipline competitors prove themselves in the skill of navigation.

                                                        The rally takes place on different terrains in natural landscapes. The organizer carefully chooses the terrain but usually does not change the terrain in any way and does not affect its appearance.

                                                        Some common landscapes are:

                                                        • mountains, and rocky terrain
                                                        • rivers, dry riverbeds, muddy paths
                                                        • open public roads
                                                        • natural vegetation, shrubs, tall grass, forests
                                                        • asphalt roads and off-road
                                                        • terrain with snow conditions

                                                        The area

                                                        The Dinaric Alps (also known as Dinarides) are one of the most untamed and rough mountain ranges in Europe. They extend across whole western Balkan Peninsula, from the Julian Alps in Italy to the Šar and Korab Mountains in Albania and are the largest karst area in the world. The Dinarides are mainly formed of Dolomite, Limestone, Sandstone and Conglomerates. The whole area is sparsely populated. One of the most prominent features of the Dinarides are the numerous karst rivers of exceptional beauty. As you might have already guessed, riding through this terrain is a unique and memorable experience.

                                                        The rally caters to all riders! It is a challenging adventure for small and big motorcycles, quads and SSVs. The dynamic tempo of the rally and the constant change in scenery will surely quench your thirst for adventure. It all happens so quickly! At one moment you are destroying your tires on razor sharp limestone and the next you are riding through lush meadows. Then, you are drowning in deep mud and around the corner you are bathing and drinking water from crystal clear karst rivers. And the views? You guessed it; the views are breathtaking!


                                                        For thousands of years, the Dinarides have served as a shelter for people running from all sorts of troubles – from rampaging conquering armies to unbearable life in civilization. Here, high in the harsh mountains, cut by limestone blades, spiked by bramble and wind-blown by powerful Bura wind strikes, the Balkan mentality was shaped. The locals, just like the extraordinary natural beauty of the Dinarides, are what make this adventure unique!

                                                        Absolute and a priori respect for the local population, tradition, culture, customs and way of life is expected and will be strictly required from every rally participant!


                                                        We have incorporated high standards of environmental protection into the rules of the rally. All riders and participants will be required to adhere to the environmental protection code that has also been implemented in the scoring system.

                                                        We love nature! Riding a motorcycle off paved roads is a passion that builds on our biggest and primary passion, which is to be out in nature, to travel and to explore.

                                                        The organization of the rally allows us to rise awareness, within a controlled environment, and encourage the conservation and protection of nature among the motorcycle riders as, de facto one of the largest subcultures in the Western world!

                                                        Ecological aspects embedded in the principles and rules of the Dinaric Rally:

                                                        • We support local organizations dedicated to nature preservation and protection.
                                                        • All waste, used oil, used / broken motorcycle parts and similar, will be disposed of by the organizer according to modern principles and available disposal methods.
                                                        • Compliance with legal provisions, related to the conservation and protection of nature is strongly recommended.
                                                        • Participants are required to adhere to a defined route as wheels can damage and destroy grass and crops.
                                                        • All participants must absolutely respect nature and all living creatures that they encounter during the rally!

                                                        We are passionate about riding, but we are first and foremost passionate about nature!

                                                        Take on the Dinaric Rally and experience the rush of pure off-road adrenaline.