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“The most thrilling European Rally”

– Every rider out there 🙂


Dinaric Rally Raid has rapidly grown to become one of Europe’s premier rally events, earning the title of the fastest-growing and most challenging rally on the continent. In just five years, we’ve positioned ourselves alongside the best, thanks to our unparalleled organization, stunning tracks, and the thrilling experience we offer.

But beyond the thrill of the race lies a deeper truth – a truth that resonates with the very essence of our being. It is a truth that speaks to the primal instincts that lie dormant within us all, urging us to cast off the trappings of civilization and embrace the raw, unfiltered beauty of the natural world. It is a truth that reminds us of our connection to something greater than ourselves – something wild, untamed, and utterly untamable.

Dinaric Rally is more than just a competition; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for nature, challenges, and testing their own limits limits. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice in the world of off-road riding and rally racing, you’ll find your place among peers and friends here.

Ride with us into the world of adrenaline, passion, and the untamed beauty of nature. Welcome to Dinaric Rally Raid – where the adventure begins, and the spirit of the wild reigns supreme!

2024 Categories and Classes


  • Navigated by roadbok (only)
  • Paper or digital roadbook
  • GPS tracking and safety device


Motorcycles <290 cc 


Motorcycles 300 – 390 cc


Motorcycles 400 – 475 cc


Motorcycles 480 – 600 cc single cylinder


Motorcycles 650 – 750 cc single cylinder


Motorcycles 650 – 1300 cc twin cylinder


Quads regardless cc


SSV regardless cc



Riders over 55 years old


Female riders

Malle Moto

Bike and Quad riders, UNASSISTED


Dinaric Adventure Rally Experience

  • Navigated by roadbook
  • GPS tracking and safety device
  • Total time on the stage is limited


Motorcycles regardless cc


Quad regardless cc


SSV regardless cc


Why Choose Dinaric Rally?

Motorcycle Rally Riders in the Dinaric Mountains plains

Exceptional Terrain Diversity

Navigate through rugged mountains, winding roads, and picturesque valleys, testing the limits of your driving skills. Our carefully curated routes showcase the diverse beauty of the Balkans, providing a challenging yet fulfilling experience for drivers and spectators alike.

Legacy of Excellence

With a rich history spanning years of successful events, UNTAMED, the ORGA of the Dinaric Rally, is renowned for its professionalism, safety standards, and commitment to providing an unforgettable rally experience. Join a community of passionate rally enthusiasts and become a part of our illustrious legacy.

Cultural Immersion

Beyond the rally, immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures and traditions of the Balkans. Explore charming villages, indulge in local cuisine, and connect with fellow participants and locals alike. Dinaric Rally isn’t just a race; it’s an opportunity to discover the heart and soul of the region.

World-Class Organization

From registration to race day, our experienced team is committed to ensuring every aspect of your Dinaric Rally experience exceeds expectations. We prioritize participant safety, logistical efficiency, and overall satisfaction, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill of the race.

Join Us at Dinaric Rally!

Whether you’re an experienced rally rider seeking a new challenge or a passionate ADV rider eager to witness the excitement of rally race firsthand, Dinaric Rally welcomes you with open arms. Register now to secure your spot in the next chapter of Balkan rally history. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime!