20 – 26 August


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Dinaric Rally

The Dinaric Rally has quickly established its name as a challenging Cross-Country Rally where like-minded maniacs from all over the globe come to race and test all of their riding skills as they tackle tough terrain through the most spectacular outback of the Dinaric Alps.

The stages are grueling.  The terrain changes constantly.  A typical special stage of the Dinaric will take you through endless fields, over razor sharp rocks, up hills, over mountains, through rivers, past ancient bridges …The scorching sun, the unforgiving wind Bura, the deep blue sea, green meadows, wild horses… It will be difficult to keep your eye on the path ahead as you navigate this mesmerizing terrain.

And finally, the rally Bivouac. The heart of the rally. The place where everyone gathers after a hard day of riding to lick their wounds, fix their weary bikes, share their experiences from the special stages and wash the dust from their throats with a cold beer.

This is the Dinaric Rally.

  • Issac Feliu (SPAIN)

    Twin Trail Racing Team

    I’m thrilled to cross the finish line of the Dinaric!; I loved the navigation – the Dinaric Rally roadbook was one of the best ones I’ve had; It’s easily one of the best rallies I’ve done in Europe. 

  • Vanessa Ruck (UK) – aka The Girl on a Bike

    She spends more time on her bike than an average person in bed. Romaniacs, Tunisia Desert Challenge, 100 Dunas Raid finisher. Need we say more?
    The terrain constantly changes. Pure epicness. We’ve had rocks and meadows, flats and highs, mountains and forests… It has been absolutely fantastic!
  • Serkan Özdemir (Türkiye)

    Dakar rider, multiple Turkish Enduro national champion and Transanatolia cup Rally champion

    Great tracks. Great scenery. Seeing different cultures. Great atmosphere in paddock. I will come back again!

  • Libor Podmol (Czech Republic)

    Czech superstar! FIM Freestyle Motocross world champion, X-games winner and Dakar Rally finisher!
    I’m tired. It’s a tough rally. Yesterday seven and a half hours. Today seven and a half hours of racing. Yeah, it’s tough.
  • Thomas Dance (UK)

    World traveller who always on the lookout for a new adventure. The last one involves him selling his house, hopping on his bike to take part in Malle Moto trophy at the Dinaric!
    The tracks are the perfect mix of fast, technical and super scenery. Just brilliant!
  • Shakir Merali (Kenya)

    Every now and then he swaps his suit and tie for body armour and riding boots. Judging by the big smile on his face at this year’s Dinaric, the suit and tie will stay in the wardrobe more often.
    I am completely knackered. I have ridden through mountains, over stones and under bridges and over railway tracks. It’s been absolutely crazy and absolutely fun. It’s been an absolute blast!
  • Jack Scarborough (UK)

    Life-loving vagabond. This year DARE! Next year Rally category!
    Honestly, this has been the best day of my life!
  • Alan Jenkins (UK)

    Just a regular bloke from the local pub who decided to hop in his van, drive across Europe and take part in his first Rally
    One minute I was on the track looking at the view, the next I was in the view looking at the track

    A few videos from 2022 edition

    Rally starts in:


    The Dinaric Alps

    World’s largest karst area

    Europe’s deepest canyon (Tara river)

    Europe’s last primeval forests (Perućica and Biogradska gora)

    The highest mountain peak is Maja Jezercë

    The highest mountains are Velebit, Dinara, Maglić, Durmitor, Prokletije

    200 mountains
    240 peaks over 2000 m
    20 national parks
    19 UNESCO heritage sites
    2000 km of rivers
    200 natural lakes
    15000 caves
    38000 registered animal and plant species
    70000 archaeological sites

    4 reasons

    why we organize the Dinaric Rally

    A unique and intense experience

    The Dinaric Alps are one of the rawest and largest mountain ranges in Europe. Driving through harsh limestone cliffs, crossing wild mountain rivers, barren wilderness, rough thorny shrubs, serene lush mountain plateaus, deep mud and perfect macadam for speeding. The Dinarides are and area of great diversity and you will experience all of this in just a single day.

    The Dinarides have been completely undiscovered… Till now!

    Unlike their super trendy cousins the European Alps, the Dinaric Alps have remained untouched and yet to be discovered. This is one of the last places in Europe where you can still find that true, primeval wilderness, both in nature that surrounds you and if you stare deep into the souls of the local community.

    No one else can do it

    Europeans have traditionally polished their rally riding skills on other continents and this whole part of Europe, The Dinarides especially, have been completely forgotten. Till now!

    There have been attempts to organize rallies in the last couple of years by people who aren’t locals. They do not understand the alchemy of the Dinarides. They do not understand the history, tradition, mythology, mentality of the Dinarides. They do not have this spiritual and occult connection with these mountains.

    To organize the rally in the way in which we intend to, one truly must ”breathe” the mountains.

    To protect the Dinarides

    We have incorporated high standards of environmental protection and nature conservation into our rally rules. All riders, organization staff, spectators and all others related with the rally will have to abide by the rules.

    We donate part of the proceeds of the Rally to local wildlife and nature conservation organizations.

    We are passionate about riding, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this at all. But, above everything else, we worship nature! The protection and preservation of nature is our primary motive for organizing this rally.

    What is the Dinaric rally?

    Event organized for the following reasons:

    • The promotion of the Dinaric alps as the ultimate rally destination
    • Protection and conservation of the natural environment of the Dinarides.
    • Sustainable development.
    • Positive impact on the micro-economy of the area.
    • Raising of environmental awareness among the riders.

    Cross Country Rally in Dinaric Alps

    Dinarides are a mountain range in Southern and Southeastern Europe. They are spread over nearly 646 kilometers, from Italy, through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

    The Dinaric is organized by UNTAMED

    Organizer of Dinaric Rally is UNTAMED Sport Club

    From 2022, Dinaric is Organized in cooperation with HMS (Croatian Motorcycle Federation) and FIM Europe

    General Information

    The Rally

    Dinaric Rally is a sporting event that takes place on a variety of grounds and is designed to demonstrate the skills, endurance of competitors and reliability of their machines. In addition, as one of the most important distinguishing factors, in this discipline competitors prove themselves in the skill of navigation.

    The rally takes place on different terrains in natural landscapes. The organizer carefully chooses the terrain but usually does not change the terrain in any way and does not affect its appearance.

    Some common landscapes are:

    • mountains, and rocky terrain
    • rivers, dry riverbeds, muddy paths
    • open public roads
    • natural vegetation, shrubs, tall grass, forests
    • asphalt roads and offroad
    • terrain with snow conditions

    The area

    The Dinaric Alps (also known as Dinarides) are one of the most untamed and rough mountain ranges in Europe. They extend across whole western Balkan Peninsula, from the Julian Alps in Italy to the Šar and Korab Mountains in Albania and are the largest karst area in the world. The Dinarides are mainly formed of Dolomite, Limestone, Sandstone and Conglomerates. The whole area is sparsely populated. One of the most prominent features of the Dinarides are the numerous karst rivers of exceptional beauty. As you might have already guessed, riding through this terrain is a unique and memorable experience.

    The rally caters to all riders! It is a challenging adventure for small and big motorcycles, quads and SSVs. The dynamic tempo of the rally and the constant change in scenery will surely quench your thirst for adventure. It all happens so quickly! At one moment you are destroying your tires on razor sharp limestone and the next you are riding through lush meadows. Then, you are drowning in deep mud and around the corner you are bathing and drinking water from crystal clear karst rivers. And the views? You guessed it; the views are breathtaking!


    For thousands of years, the Dinarides have served as a shelter for people running from all sorts of troubles – from rampaging conquering armies to unbearable life in civilization. Here, high in the harsh mountains, cut by limestone blades, spiked by bramble and wind-blown by powerful Bura wind strikes, the Balkan mentality was shaped. The locals, just like the extraordinary natural beauty of the Dinarides, are what make this adventure unique!

    Absolute and a priori respect for the local population, tradition, culture, customs and way of life is expected and will be strictly required from every rally participant!


    We have incorporated high standards of environmental protection into the rules of the rally. All riders and participants will be required to adhere to the environmental protection code that has also been implemented in the scoring system.

    We love nature! Riding a motorcycle off paved roads is a passion that builds on our biggest and primary passion, which is to be out in nature, to travel and to explore.

    The organization of the rally allows us to rise awareness, within a controlled environment, and encourage the conservation and protection of nature among the motorcycle riders as, de facto one of the largest subcultures in the Western world!

    Ecological aspects embedded in the principles and rules of the Dinaric Rally:

    • We support local organizations dedicated to nature preservation and protection.
    • All waste, used oil, used / broken motorcycle parts and similar, will be disposed of by the organizer according to modern principles and available disposal methods.
    • Compliance with legal provisions, related to the conservation and protection of nature is strongly recommended.
    • Participants are required to adhere to a defined route as wheels can damage and destroy grass and crops.
    • All participants must absolutely respect nature and all living creatures that they encounter during the rally!

    We are passionate about riding, but we are first and foremost passionate about nature!

    2020 edition

    Croatia & BiH

    Even though it was our first, 2020 will allways remain the most important edition od the Dinaric. We showed to the all riders, forein but also local, what a beautifull mountains Dinarides are and we proved, to the others but to ourselves too that the area has a huge possibilities. It will stay remembered that we managed to organize beautifull little rally under quite unpleasent Corona pandemic.


    Croatia & BiH

    Dinaric Rally 2021 edition happened 24. – 29. 8. 2021. Rally was undoubtly very successul. All the hard work paid of and we (again) proved that Dinarides are beautiful mountains with a huge rally potential. 

    2022 edition

    Croatia & BiH

    Initially, we planned to organize the third edition of the Dinaric in Croatia, B&H and Montenegro but after really successful 2021 edition and also because of Covid-19 related reasons, we decided to stay in Croatia and B&H.

    2023 edition

    Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro…

    In the forth edition of the Dinaric, we intend to finally connect more than two Dinaric Mountains countries. Although far more demanding for the organization, the forth season of the Dinaric will cover much wider region and be even more beautifull but also more challenging for the riders.