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Dinaric Rally Raid Series

Rally Raid Championship
in the Dinaric Alps

Ride the Dinaric Rally Trilogy!

After four successful Dinaric Rally Raids organized in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2020 to 2023, with the last two (2022 and 2023) scoring for the FIM Europe TT Rally Cup, it is now time for the next step. This step, however, is monumental. It’s enormous but achievable, and our small team is ready to once again shake up the European rally scene.

You may be wondering how we came up with this idea. Well, the concept of a rally across the entire Dinaric region is not something new. If you’ve been following us from the beginning, you know that it has always been our primary goal – to bring rally racing to all the countries of the Dinaric mountains, from Slovenia to Albania. 

By organizing the Dinaric Rally in our mountains, we attract riders from all over the world to come and enjoy the Dinarides, a unique mountain range – the largest karst region in the world – while, setting strict environmental regulations, we are simultaneously protecting the nature of the Dinarids.

There are various reasons for this decision but after two years of participating in the FIM Europe TT Cup, we have concluded that we no longer wish to be part of the same cup, so we have left it for 2024. On the other hand, we do like the idea of being part of Rally Raid Championship, because riding of, not only one rally a year but the whole championship, turned out to be the natural “next step” for most of the previous riders of the Dinaric Rally.

Organizing our own series of rallies, which includes three rallies in three different countries, we have the opportunity to harmonize, carefully control, balance, and align all the crucial aspects of each of the three rallies. In this way, we can manage everything and simultaneously provide riders with a unique riding experience in each of the rallies (each of the three countries), as well as consistent rules and regulations in the whole Rally Raid Series.

Additionally, through the organization of three rallies, we have the ability to balance the difficulty level of each rally.. This means that, from rally to rally, we can guide riders through ever-changing and fresh experiences and ever-increasing challenges. 

Starting from the 1st Round – introductory rally, which will be the least demanding, to the Final Round rally, which will present the ultimate challenge for all riders, we will ensure an unforgettable experience throughout the entire series while maintaining the highest level of safety, organization, accuracy of our roadbooks, and more.

We are facing a great challenge, and as always, we approach it with 100% dedication, responsibility, and great enthusiasm. We are excited and happy to organize a complete rally raid series for the first time ever in these mountains. We are confident that, just like in the past, riders will witness something unique and unparalleled.

2024 Categories and Classes


  • Licence free
  • Navigated by roadbok only
  • Paper or digital roadbook
  • GPS tracking and safety device


Motorcycles <290 cc 


Motorcycles 300 – 390 cc


Motorcycles 400 – 475 cc


Motorcycles 480 – 600 cc single cylinder


Motorcycles 650 – 750 cc single cylinder


Motorcycles 650 – 1300 cc twin cylinder


Quads regardless cc


SSV regardless cc



Riders over 55 years old


Female riders

Malle Moto

Bike and Quad riders, UNASSISTED


Dinaric Adventure Rally Experience

  • Navigated by GPS
  • GPS tracking and safety device
  • Total time on the stage is limited


Motorcycles 250 – 700 cc single


Motorcycles 650 – 1300 cc twin


Quad regardless cc


SSV regardless cc

Dinaric Rally Raid Series


For those who register for the complete DINARIC RALLY RAID SERIES, comprising all three rally events:

  • 1st Round – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2nd Round – Montenegro
  • Final Round – Dinaric Rally

Will be entitled to an exclusive 40% discount on the Final Round – Dinaric Rally registration fee.

This unique offer reflects our appreciation for your commitment to the entire series, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in the Dinaric Rally Raid experience while also benefiting from substantial cost savings.

1st Round

1st round of the Dinaric Rally Raid Series

Are you ready to rise above the competition and push your rally limits? The Dinaric Mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina invite you to answer the call of the wild, to challenge your skills, and to be part of a rally experience that’s a true testament to the spirit of adventure. Embrace the thrill, conquer the trails, and elevate your rally legacy in a land that’s both rugged and rewarding. The journey begins here – the rally of a lifetime awaits your conquest.

2nd Round

1st round of the Dinaric Rally Raid Series

Experience the thrill of navigating through breathtaking landscapes, conquering trails that demand your skill, and basking in the glory of rally raid triumph. It’s time to answer the call, to rev your engine, and to embrace the rally champion within. The Dinaric Mountains await your conquest – rev up, rally on, and let the adventure begin!

Final Round

3rd, final round of the Dinaric Rally Raid Series

Welcome to Dinaric Rally, the ultimate off-road adventure racing event in the Balkans. Our rally takes participants through some of the most challenging terrain in the region, with a focus on navigation, endurance, and the thrill of the race.