Roadbook, GPS, devices…

At the Dinaric Rally, season 2021, different classes offer different navigation options.

All motorcycle and quad riders navigating the paper roadbook will receive a roadbook in the classic RB format (A5 / 150mm). SSV riders can ask for roadbook in B5 book format.

Riders navigating with a digital roadbook will receive an RB in PDF format.

Riders in RALLY classes are not allowed to use GPS track or GPS maps for navigation. Riders riding RALLY classes on a digital roadbook will be prohibited from using the RB navigation device in any other way that facilitates their navigation.

It is assumed that riders in ADV categories ride on GPS, however, if they wish, riders  in ADV categories can also get a Raodbook (paper or digital) to use it to help with navigation or as a Roadbook training.

Riders in LIGHT classes can ride on GPS or without navigation, in guided groups. Riders in this class can also, if they wish, get a roadbook (on paper or in PDF).

Riders in ADV and LIGHT classes can use dedicated GPS devices or mobile phones / tablets and other navigation devices that can read the .gpx track for navigation. Riders navigating by GPS will get .gpx data.

Our recommendations

Below are our device recommendations for each type of navigation

Paper Roadbook

Any holder by rider’s own choice

+ tripmaster


+ remote controler(s)

GPS device

Garmin Montana 700

This device has proven its durability, precision, simplicity and practicality millions of times in various terrains all over the planet. Combined with the original holder, the Garmin 700 becomes the ultimate device for GPS Rally but also any other offroad riding. The Dinaric Rally team for GPS navigation at the Dinaric Rally, confidently recommends the Garmin Montana as the best choice of device in demanding rally racing conditions.

Garmin Tread

Garmin announces its entry into the motorized sports market with products to help recreational off-road riders so they can wander into the unknown with confidence. With the new robust Tread satellite navigation with Group Ride Tracker navigation device, Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch and BC 40 wireless camera with mounting bracket, riders can hop into their off-road vehicles or snowmobiles to explore wild forest trails in the rain or cold with a sense of security. snowy landscapes in the mountains.

Digital roadbook – Roadbook reader (PDF format)

Any dedicated Roadbook reader of your choice
controller on the steering wheel.

Samsung Tab Active Pro 8.0 
any other rugged tablet / smartphone
any PDF roadbook reading application (e.g. Rally Navigator Roadbook Reader).
remote controller on the steering wheel.