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Rider’s insurance application form

All contestants MUST have a valid personal insurance policy to participate at the Dinaric Rally.

FIM competitors must be insured in accordance to the FIM license which they must present at the registration.

Non-FIM competitors must have a valid insurance policy that covers medical treatments and repatriation.

How to get the insurance (if you don’t have it already)

Please note that only the members of Sport Club UNTAMED are eligible to obtain this insurance! To get it, you have to become a member.

To obtain suitable insurance policy that covers:

  1. for medical treatment € 14.000
  2. for repatriation € 3.400″.

Dinaric Rally competitor must take following steps:

  1. Fill in the form following this link
  2. Pay €34 for the the annual UNTAMED Sport Club membership fee. You will receive all the information how to do this upon filling the form.

Soon after you finish all the steps, you will get an email confirmation. On time, not less than 2 days before the beginning of the rally, all the riders will receive an email with their insurance policy attached.