Dinaric Rally Adventure Experience

DARE! – Dinaric Rally Adventure Experience is meant for skilled off road riders with little or no experience in Rally Racing. Participating in DARE!, riders have a chance to ride with pro rally riders and teams, to hang in the bivouac with experienced rally addicts and to collect their first kilometers of “a Beauty, but a Beast” Dianric Rally stages. Track(s) will be adjusted to big ADV bikes!
It’s a great opportunity to enter the magical world of rallies in the safest possible way.

Note: In 2022, in DARE! category, it was possible to navigate either on GPS or Raodbook (or both). In 2023, only GPS navigation is possible. All the riders interested to learn Roadbook navigaton can join us in our Radobook Rally Bootcamp. 

All rider benefits and most of the rules and regulations from Rally categories apply to DARE! too. This includes: safety, tracking, speed control, control points, assistance…

The ultimate goal for DARE! participants is to finish all the stages successfully while respecting all the rules and regulations.

Total time for every Stage is limited. After the expiration of the time, riders must quit the Stage Section and get to the next start of the Selective Stage or get back to the Bivouac.

Riders will be required to clear a certain percentage / number of Check Points on each Stage.

Only two results are possible in the DARE! category:  a rider can either finish the Dinaric or not!

Scoring system for DARE! riders is adjusted so that four major rules are important:

  • follow the rules and regulations
  • follow the route
  • finish the stage within a given time
  • finish the rally

DARE! guided groups will be organized every day. Every evening riders will be able to sign up for tomorrow’s guided group at the info desk. Guided groups will follow the rally track as much as possible and, if needed, this will be adjusted to the rider’s riding skills. 

General Rules

  • Total time on every stage is limited
  • DARE! is tracked and scored
  • Ultimate goal is to finish the rally
  • Riders have to follow to the route
  • Riders have to clear certain percentage of checkpoints
  • Scoring is different that in Rally categories
  • It’s not a Race and there is no Competing!
  • Riders are tracked throughout the whole Stage.
  • There are no Selective Sections
  • It’s navigated by GPS only
  • DARE! stages will have less km than Rally stages.
  • Safety and Tracking devices are obligatory
  • Assistance and everything else from Rally categories are also available for DARE!
  • Other rules and regulations from Rally categories apply to DARE! too.