Terms and Conditions

Edition 2021

General terms

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) determine the manner and conditions under which company UNTAMED j.d.o.o., PIN (OIB): 69583807388, with its registered seat and business address in Zagreb, Čerinina 13, registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb Business Register under the registration number (MBS): 081371051 (hereinafter: UNTAMED) contracts and provides different services related to Dinaric Rally1 and accompanying events, (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Dinaric Rally”), and other services from the subject of the company’s business (hereinafter: Services).

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all persons who take certain actions to contract the Services (for example by booking the Services), persons who have contracted the Services and to persons entitled to use the Services regardless of whether the Services were contracted or used on another basis (hereinafter: the contractor, user, rider), on the one hand and the UNTAMED, on the other side. In case of discrepancy between the General Terms and Conditions and the provisions of individual contracts for services, which exist between the user of services and the UNTAMED (hereinafter: the contract), the provisions of the contract shall apply.


The Dinaric Rally 2021 is organized by UNTAMED

General info about the Dinaric rally

The Dinaric Rally was meant and organized as a Cross-Country Rally.

Cross-Country Rally is a sporting event that takes place on a variety of grounds and is designed to demonstrate the skills, endurance of competitors and reliability of their machines. In addition, as one of the most important distinguishing factors, in this discipline competitors prove themselves in the skill of navigation.

The rally takes place on different terrains in natural landscapes. The organizer carefully chooses the terrain but usually does not change the terrain in any way and does not affect its appearance.

Some common landscapes are:

  • mountains, and rocky terrain
  • rivers, dry riverbeds, muddy paths
  • open public roads
  • natural vegetation, shrubs, tall grass, forests
  • asphalt roads and offroad
  • terrain with snow conditions


Cross-Country Motorcycle Rallies are generally dangerous. Participants should not underestimate the high risk of an accident, injuries and even death! It has happened that some people who have participated in a similar cross country rally in the past have been seriously injured, permanently disabled or even lost their lives.

Dinaric Rally is not a tourist trip!

Despite the organization’s efforts to minimize the risks, each participant is expected to be aware of the fact:

  • that they will take part in a challenging adventure that takes place in remote and inaccessible areas, where the assistance and medical care, in the event of an accident, are significantly impeded and limited
  • that during the rally, the rider’s health and life can be put at risk
  • that the increased risk is what makes this rally an adventure and therefore is an essential reason why a rider participates in this rally.

General presumptions and prerequisites

It is understood that all riders, competitors, teams, team leaders, officials and other parties participating in the Dinaric Rally and accompanying events (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Dinaric Rally”), accept on their own behalf, on behalf of their employees and agents, that they will abide by all the rules and regulations prescribed by the organizer of the Dinaric Rally.

It is the responsibility of each competitor and / or team leader to ensure that all accompanying persons are made aware of the rules of the rally.

All persons who in any way participate in the Dinaric Rally or accompanying events and events related to the rally at any time, during the rally must wear and be able to show the appropriate pass.

Acts and procedures for which the responsible officials have assessed that they do not comply with the Dinaric rules and regulations – or have assessed them as unsportsmanlike, or that they are against the best interests of the sport and / or events – are subject to disciplinary measures prescribed and implemented by the Dinaric Rally organizer.

To anyone who does not abide by the rules prescribed in the above two paragraphs, the Dinaric Rally organizer has the right to prohibit (further) participation in the Dinaric Rally. In addition, all those who do not comply with the above rules are liable to the rally organizer for all the damage they have caused by their (inappropriate) actions.

Acceptable vehicles

The Dinaric Rally is a Cross Country type of rally and is open to the following categories: MOTORCYCLE,  QUAD and SSV

Info on categories and classes you can see here


The Dinaric Rally is open to riders over the age of 18 provided that:

  • rider has a valid driver’s license
  • riders is in good health
  • rider has a valid license to drive on public roads and is insured
  • rider has a valid accidents insurance covering death, permanent disability, medical treatment and repatriation!
  • insurance that the driver possesses covers activities that include competing in a cross country rally

Anyone wishing to take part in the Dinaric Rally 2021 should register before closing of registration.

The rider will be considered as registered for the rally only when the registration fee is fully paid, entry form successfully submitted and he/she receives a confirmation that he/she has successfully registered.


If on the day of registration it is found that the registered vehicle does not correspond to the class / category for which it is registered, the rider will be instructed to change the category. Only a limited number of vehicles will be able to be transferred to another category, so riders are advised to take great care when registering to which class they are applying and that all other information with which they are applying is correct.

Cancelation and Refund policy

All cancellation requests must be made by the contractor in writing. The contractor who requests contract cancellation might be entitled to a refund in accordance with the following rules.

  • An 80% refund will be granted to the contractor who has previously paid full amount of the entry fee if the cancellation request is received by the organizer at least 60 days prior to the scheduled commencement of the Dinaric Rally event.
  • A 50% refund will be granted to the contractor who has previously paid full amount of the entry fee if the cancellation request is received by the organizer at least 30 days prior to the scheduled commencement of the Dinaric Rally event.
  • No refund will be granted for cancellation requests received by the organizers 30 or fewer days prior to the scheduled commencement of the Dinaric Rally event.

The organizer reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract concluded with the contractor if a sufficient number of participants do not register to participate in the Dinaric Rally as well as for other justified reasons.

When the organizer terminates the contract and cancels the Dinaric Rally before its commencement:

  • instead of exercising the right to a partial refund as explained above, the contractor is entitled to use the full amount of the previously paid entry fee as the entry fee for the first following Dinaric rally
  • the organizer is obliged to inform the contractor about the cancellation of the event without delay
  • the contractor who has previously paid full amount of the entry fee is entitled to receive a refund in the amount of at least 85% of the entry fee
  • the organizer is entitled to reimburse from the contractor’s entry fee for necessary expenses incurred in connection with the receipt, recording, and refund of entry fee but not in the amount of more than 15% of the contractor’s entry fee
  • It will not be considered a cancellation of the rally if the organizer changes the date of the rally at least 30 days before the start of the rally


If a competitor withdraws from the rally for reasons related to Covid-19, the regular refund policy, without distinction.

Force Majeure

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the rally and the above refund policy applies. In doing so, the organizer undertakes to always do everything in his power to hold the rally according to plan.

Transfer of the contract to another user

Subject to the approval of the organizer, prior to the start of the rally, the contractor may transfer the contract to another person who meets all the conditions applicable to that contract and within a reasonable time before the start of the rally. A notice sent to the organizer no later than seven days before the start of the rally shall be considered a notice within a reasonable time. Additional fees for the transfer of contract apply. The transferor and the recipient of the contract are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the amount of the price of the services and for any additional fees, charges or other costs arising from the transfer of the contract. UNTAMED undertakes to inform the transferor of the actual costs of the transfer of the contract. It is considered that by submitting a request to change the user of services, the user agrees to pay the organizer all related costs and fees. If the transfer of the contract to another user means a change that is not allowed by the end-service providers or if such change requires significant additional activities of the organizer, the organizer has the right to refuse the transfer of the contract.


Devices that will be given to every rider on the day of verification and registration, for most of the time provide “live” monitoring and tracking of all competitors. This allows the organizer, i.e. the team in charge of security, to react quickly and arrive at the location in case of need.

All riders are required to strictly follow the following safety rules:

  1. all riders are required to ride exclusively according to the selected navigation mode. By using another navigation mode, the rider is automatically disqualified from the rally.
  2. all riders are obliged to report without delay all accidents they have witnessed, which require the help of the organizers.
  3. all riders are required to have a functional mobile phone and first aid kit with them while riding.
  4. except during the service of the motorcycle, in the base, the following rule applies: when his engine is running, the rider must have a helmet!
  5. transport of fuel in any other way than in fuel tanks designed for this purpose is forbidden.
  6. transport of objects, parts, tools… susceptible to cause injuries to a competitor (back pack, belt…) is forbidden.
  7. any rider’s behavior that may adversely affect the safety of other riders, participants or the local population will be severely sanctioned.
  8. riders are required not to ride if they have health problems.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in the driver refusing to start the stage.

If necessary, for safety reasons, the organizer will also, via mobile phone, try to establish communication with riders.

Rider’s personal safety equipment

All riders are required to strictly follow the following rules regarding safety equipment:

  1. during riding of all stages, all riders are required to wear protective equipment and clothing at all times
  2. protective equipment and clothing must have recognized certificates
  3. in the case of inflatable jackets and other protectors, riders are required to have a suitable spare cartridge for the inflatable equipment system at each stage.
  4. the responsibility for the battery charge level as well as the replacement of the cartridge after activation, in the case of inflatable protective equipment, lies with the rider.
  5. in the case of the use of inflatable equipment, the neck-brace is prohibited because it is not compatible with it
  6. if the inflating system is activated before reaching the end of the Special Stage or at the refueling point, the rider is allowed to rider with inflated equipment. At the end of the Special Stage, the driver needs to replace the cartridge.
  7. if the rider uses another cartridge, he can continue riding with inflated equipment but never without protection (with deactivated system or without cartridge)
  8. all navigation equipment must be in fully functional condition before the start of each stage. If it turns out that the equipment does not work at the start, the rider will have 15 minutes to repair the equipment with the help of a technician. If the equipment cannot be repaired, the rider will be able to start but is obliged to repair the equipment after starting.

General safety instructions

Throughout the event, participants are required to follow the organizer’s and staff’s instructions.
The organizer explicitly requests that the participants accept and follow all given instructions.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and any use of drugs and other illicit substances is prohibited throughout the whole event.

It is in the personal interest of the rider as well as the interest of other participants that everyone adheres to these instructions. In case of violation of the safety regulations, the organizer reserves the right to exclude any rider from further participation in the rally.

Mental and physical fitness are essential for attending this meeting.

The participant is obligated to inform the organizer about any health issues.

It is forbidden to start a rally under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other narcotic and/or illicit substances.

Each participant must be aware of and accept the following facts:

  • The Dinaric Rally is held in remote and sometimes difficult to reach areas, sometimes it involves riding through rough terrain under unpredictable weather conditions and associated route conditions. Taking this in consideration, there is limited availability for assistance in the event of any accident or distress.
  • The riding speed must be consistent with the conditions on the terrain, the physical fitness and the skills of the rider, all with the aim of maximizing the overall safety of the rider and all other participants of the rally.
  • Wrong assessment of one’s own capabilities and lack of experience, damage to vehicles as a result of an accident or mechanical wear and tear, unsportsmanlike conduct and neglect of safe riding advice are the most common causes are accidents, injuries and sometimes death.
  • The participants themselves are responsible for the control of the vehicle before the start of the stage.
  • Each participant should take into account their current state before starting the stage.
  • As always, it is important to avoid unnecessary risk.
  • The length of the rally and the long daily route lead to inevitable concentration problems.
  • In case of any health problems or concerns, participants must inform the organizer on time about his/hers physical condition.
  • Wearing a helmet is obligatory for the category Motorcycle and Quad as well as using a seat belt for the category Quad.
  • All parts of the vehicle must be permanently mounted or secured in a way that doesn’t endanger participants and spectators.
  • Even with the greatest efforts of the organizer and with the help of local municipalities, the Ministry of Transport and all others involved – the route can NEVER be 100% closed to “public” traffic!!!
  • Despite all the efforts, it is impossible to ensure that a domestic animal, forest ranger, or drunk local riding a tractor in the opposite direction won’t appear on the route. You can never be sure that no surprise will appear behind the next curve.
  • By making a detour from the route, the rider may find himself in a restricted or dangerous area.

The organizer kindly asks all participants to pay maximum attention to their own safety and security, the safety of the participants of the rally and everyone present!

We especially kindly ask all participants to pay attention to the safety of young children, observers, domestic animals and all other living creatures and nature of the Dinarides!!!

The organizer also emphasizes that there is a risk of LANDMINES in certain areas of Croatia (and in the Balkans). Participants will be promptly informed and alerted to any suspected mined areas near the route.

Riders must be aware of the situation on the terrain before starting the stage and are personally responsible for requesting all information if they feel they have not been provided with them a the regular briefing.


  1. Every competitor must be fully insured for personal accidents covering death, permanent disability, medical treatment and repatriation!
  2. Basic medical insurance, prescribed by law in the country of origin of the riders, is compulsory.
  3. Insurance for case of motorcycle and equipment damage and theft is also recommended since the organizer is not responsible for such cases.
  4. It is assumed that all participants are aware of all the risks involved in participating in the rally. To participate in Dinaric Rally means to participate in a moto sport in which speed and adventure is an important factor.
  5. Subject to inaccessible terrain and possible delays, the organizer undertakes to provide first aid, possible medical intervention on the terrain (by official doctors) ant the transport to the hospital.
  6. Despite our efforts to organize the Dinaric perfectly and despite all experience and knowledge of the riders, accidents are always a possibility at events such as Cross Country Rallies.
  7. For all the activities prior to rally start (traveling to Croatian, training or so) as for all other activities after the rally, riders are strongly recommended to have additional insurance.
  8. Riders are strongly advised to check whether and to what extent their insurance covers the risk of such accidents, medical care and liability.

Traffic and public roads

All riders are obliged to comply with the Croatian “Road Traffic Safety Act” during the entire duration of the rally.

No matter how hard you try, public roads can NEVER be 100% closed to traffic. It is impossible to completely prevent or control the behavior of other people and there is always the possibility that someone will appear on the route suddenly, that they will drive in the opposite direction and the like.

Riders are obliged to personally take care of their own safety at all times as well as the safety of all other competitors and all other road users as well as the local population.

The organizer disclaims all liability in case of traffic and other accidents as well as any related damages.


Fuel is not included in participation fee

Riders are solely responsible for their own fuel.

Minimal independence for each stage as well as fuel refill points will be highlighted in the roadbook and gpx data.

The maximum distance of the next refueling point will be less than 100 km.

If the refueling point is on a Special Stage, riders refueling will receive a neutralization of 15 minutes.

If the fuel point is on a Special Stage, they cannot be used to service the vehicle.

Marketing and Promotion

Advertising on motorcycles and the rider’s clothing is allowed as long as it:

  • does not offend, in any way, others present at the rally.
  • does not offend, in any way, any third party in the area in which the rally is taking place.
  • is not in direct conflict with the partners and the sponsors of the rally.

Organizer keeps the right to put stickers on participants’’ vehicles. If the rider does not want it, rider must pay double entry fee.


The contractor undertakes to submit to the Agency all required data and / or documents necessary for the realization of services. If the contractor makes the application on behalf of other service users, the contractor agrees to assume all obligations of the user for whom he contracts services. The Contractor shall be liable for any damage resulting from the provision of inaccurate or incomplete information or documents.

If the service is booked through an UNTAMED representative, special terms and conditions of payment, prescribed by the agent, may apply.

All additional services that are highlighted in the pre-contractual information, ie in the service program, the contractor should request within the appropriate period specified in the pre-contractual information and before concluding the contract. Additional services are not included in the basic price and are charged extra. The User may request optional and special services during the Rally and the UNTAMED undertakes to make every effort to meet all reasonable requirements whereby all such services are paid for separately, in the currency of the country where the service is provided or in kuna equivalent.

Payment, depending on the situation, may be made directly to the UNTAMED or an UNTAMED representative. All prices for additional services / fees listed in the program / pre-contractual information are subject to change until the conclusion of the contract.

The service contract is concluded through the online booking form or through other booking channels.

No participant will not be permitted to start the event if he/she does not present all the following documents to the organizer prior to commencement of the rally.

It is obligatory to present documents and if they fail to do so, entry fee will not be refunded. All participants should send to org@dinaricrally.com all necessary documents in digital copies, while during administration the original documents should be provided to the race administration. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

All participants must have :

  • For their Vehicle :
    1. legitimate Vehicle Registration License
    2. insurance Policy for Third Party Liability
    3. Insurance Green Card.
  • For Riders
    1. Personal accidents insurance for racing covering death, permanent disability, medical treatment and repatriation!

Registration Fees and Payment

To register, participant must:

  • place payment for the entry fee
  • enter the entry form

The participant will prove that he has paid the entry fee by sending a confirmation of payment through the registration form.

Payment Details

Beneficiary: UNTAMED j.d.o.o.
Beneficiary Address: Čerinina steet, no. 13
ZIP: 10000
City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
VAT number: HR69583807388
IBAN: HR9624020061101028034

Bank: Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
Bank Address: Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka, Hrvatska


CLASSESUntil June 10thRegular feeAfter August 1st
RALLY M1 – M6€600€700€900
RALLY Q€600€700€900
RALLY SSV€600€800€1100
ADVENTURE (All)€500€600€800
LIGHT (All)€500€600€800


  • roadbook (paper or electronic) or GPS tracks
  • live tracking
    • live tracking system
    • live checkpoints
    • precision 1/1000 sec
    • real-time monitoring of the race and of each rider
  • all the organization of the event and the race itself
  • starts numbers and ID card / bracelet
  • recovery transport to nearest major asphalt road
  • Free WI-FI in the Bivouac
  • medical assistance and safety
    • an ambulance tent with a doctor and first aid medical equipment
    • medical technicians present on the routes
    • service vehicles with SAR professionals and a medical technician
    • off-road vehicle with a doctor
    • search and Rescue team available in the backup

Not included

  • accommodation (approximately 20-70 € per night)
  • camping for riders and team members
    • slot for vehicle and tent
    • electricity, water, shower, toilet
    • parking place
    • (20 € per person for all rally days)
  • breakfast in the restaurant (5 €)
  • meals / dinners in restaurant (15 €)
  • fuel costs
  • technical assistance from the race organizers
  • towing and transporting the vehicle off the track, in case of loss or the day after
  • competitors’ personal insurance (covering death, permanent disability, medical treatment and repatriation)
  • deposit for the tracking system (200 € – refund at the end of the race)

Complaints to the Race

All suggestions, complaints and appeals have to be submitted to the organizer.

All complaints and appeals related to the ride on a stage must be submitted no later than 30 minutes after the stage results are published.

The Appeal and Complaints Commissioners will consider all the reports and make a decision. The decision will be made at the latest, before the beginning of the next stage, or, if the objection regards the last stage, before the announcement of the total results.

Complaints to services provided

The user has the right to submit a written complaint about the services provided. The complaint can be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail. UNTAMED undertakes to confirm its receipt in writing without delay and to respond in writing to any complaint received within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Intellectual property and right of use

The visual identity (logo) of the Dinaric Rally as well as the verbal identity, copy-write, photos and all the official graphics of the Dinaric Rally are the property of the organizer.

Any unauthorized use of any official graphics, markings or elements of the visual and verbal identity of the rally is prohibited.

In case of need or desire to use, it is mandatory to request the permission of the organizer, through official contacts.


The Agency may correct typographical and budgetary errors at any time. If individual provisions of these general terms and conditions become legally invalid or if they are legally invalid, this does not make the other provisions invalid.