Here you can find list of prefered accommodation in the city of Knin.

Pleas enote that all accommodations from this list are with special Dinaric Rally discount.

Only thing you need to to to get the discount is to mention Dinaric Rally when you contact the accommodations.

Please note that you can also check all the accommodations from the list on popular online booking portals. This is probably good way to get more information.

To book the accommodation with the discount, please contact the accommodations trough the email stated in the list!


Prenoćište Tri Lovca
IV. Gardijske brigade 32, Knin

Sobe Ljiljana Bićanić
7. Gardijske brigade 55, Knin

Apartmani Mila
Puk. Josipa Karimovića Grabe 6, Kovačić