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Bivouac 2023

  • A huge area for trucks, motorhomes, cars and tens. Morning and evening shade for case of hot weather.
  • Heavy trucks friendly. We are building the surface / road so trucks can enter / exit the camping area.
  • More than enough showers and toilets built just for us.
  • Most likey one of the best local, traditional restaurants in Dalmatian backcountry. Riders from our Untamed Riding Academy trainings will confirm
  • A huge terrace under the shade of old trees. Just beautiful, you will see!
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit because we have nice little swimming pool. To decide to take a rest day will be easier than ever!
  • A huge area for the brifings with top noch surround (or what is the buzzword in todays audio systems industry ? ) system.
  • More than enough power source around the camping area @ Restoran-Hotel Kod Šukija More photos from building the bivouac will come. Stay tuned 
  • A shuttle van will be providing transportation for riders who need transport from their accommodation in the city of Knin to the Bivouac (10 min / 10 km) before the stage starts in the morning. Additionally, there will be at least two shuttle services in the late afternoon, transporting riders from the Bivouac back to the city center.
  • Hotel (in Bivouac) reservation: +385 92 3964895


Remote Bivouac ( Marathon Stage)

Kupres, where the remote bivouac (in Marathon stage – 24 / 25. August) will be located is a small mountain town in Bosnia. We will stay in Adria Ski hotel.

– Competitors and crew members (mechanics) have priority when booking.

– to book the room, please contact the hotel directly through their email: recepcija@adriaski.net

– When booking your room, you will apply with your Dinaric ID and the ID of your roommate. If your roommate is your mechanic, please register them with their full name and surname.

– The remote bivouac is very spacious, so there will be plenty of room for those who wish to sleep in their tents.


Breakfast is included in the price of the stay at the hotel (for everyone arriving to the remote bivouac). Dinner can also be served in the hotel, just make sure to ask for this option when booking and to choose a dinner menu when booking. Three different menus will be available and a vegetarian option as well.

The Bivoauc will be organized in and arround Hotel Adria Ski. Camping area is also available.

Riders (and others) which want to stay in Hotel, have to do the reservation themselves. 


+387 34 275-100