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After a well deserved rest in the Adria Ski Hotel above Kupres, the riders head back to Croatia, Knin today on the 2nd leg of the marathon stage. Self-sustainable racing took it’s tole. The riders with huge teams who usually were seen fixing their bikes late into the night in the parc ferme. Hopefully their machines will make back to the Bivouac in Knin.

The special stage takes them back towards Croatia through forests and over long mountain ridges. There will again be full throttle sections on the vast fields in the green valleys beneath the mountains. 

Since Tobias Ebster on his KTM had technical problems  Husqvarna is now showing its dominance as all the riders in the top three today (Toni Mulec, Libor Podmol, Christian Pastori) are Husky riders.

Latest update (9:45)

The riders embarked on the stage according to their positions on yesterday’s special stage.

The standings on today’s stage after 35km

Pastori, Sanchez, Dietrich

Latest update (11:00)

The situation at the moment is:

The situation is unchanged, Pastori is still in the lead  and Sanchez and Dietrich are quite a long way back. B

 Latest update (13:55)

The first riders have passed the finish line!

Current standings:
  1. Tobias Ebster (4:17:37)
  2. Toni Mulec (4:26:03)
  3. Christian Pastori (4:27:41)