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Bivouac Pass Statement

DINARIC RALLY EDITION 2023 (hereinafter: Event)

By signing this Statement, I (i.e. the undersigned person) agree to the following conditions of use of the Bivouac Pass.

Bivouac Pass permits access to the Dinaric Rally bivouac resources and facilities on the side playground of the Football Club Dinara Knin (hereinafter: Bivouac). That includes the use of toilets, showers, access to the internet, water, electricity, parking space (with prior notice and approval of Organizer), and setting of additional equipment, e.g. chairs, tools, and shade tent (with prior notice and approval of Organize). Access is also possible to the organization’s large tent and the outdoor lounge area.

Bivouac Pass is issued in the form of a plastic bracelet.

The Event is organized by SPORTSKI KLUB UNTAMED, with the support of its club members, volunteers, safety team, HGSS, GSSuBiH, and other contractors (all of them hereinafter: Organizer). Many people and vehicles will stay and drive at the Bivouac during the Event. Despite the Organizer’s efforts, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of persons and their belongings.

I confirm that I use resources and facilities and stay at the Bivouac at my own risk. I confirm that the Organizer is not the accommodation provider: it has neither promised me nor is obliged to provide me overnight accommodation in Bivouac. The Organizer is not responsible for my safety or the safety of minors who come with me. I completely release the Organizer from responsibility for the motor vehicle’s safety and the safety of things /belonging I am taking to and leaving at Bivouac during the Event.

I am aware that during the Event, by staying at the Bivouac, I am exposing myself to a possible risk of infection with the COVID-19 virus. In the event of illness, regardless of the circumstances of the case, I exclude any responsibility of the Organizer. I confirm that recently, without protective equipment and the implementation of protective measures, I have not been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19. I do not live and have not stayed in an apartment or other area with a person under medical care, supervision/isolation, or any suspicion of COVID-19. I did not deviate from the recommendations in implementing preventive measures of wearing a protective mask and hand hygiene when staying in a public space. I confirm that within the last two weeks, I have not had any of the symptoms of the disease listed below, which persisted for more than a day after they occurred and for which the doctor did not determine the reason: cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, loss of sense of smell and taste, headache, fever, ‘”red eyes “- conjunctivitis.

If any information or circumstances stated in this statement change during the Dinaric Rally edition 2022, I will notify the Organizer without delay. I confirm that the Organizer is allowed to use my (personal) data for the organization of the Event as well as to prevent COVID –19 infections.

In Knin, August, 2022.