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Special stage 2 madness
is about to start!

The second special stage is about to start, Another epic battle awaits our brave Dinaric warriors. 

Today’s stage will take them  northbound from Knin towards  and over the beautiful mountain of Lička Plješivica. They then head towards the endless fields around the city of Korenica. The competitors then head back making their way to the river Zrmanja, following it and head back to Knin. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates from the stage!

Latest update (9:30)

All of the competitors have left the bivouac and most of them have started special stage 2.

Standings so far:

1st Tobias Ebster (with a comfortable lead)

2nd Toni Mulec

3rd Libor Podmol

Latest update (10:00)

Something incredible has just happened at the Dinaric. More than ten amateur Dare! riders have overtaken the fastest FIM riders. Could this be a mistake. We will keep you posted as this situation unravels.

Latest update (10:40)

The situation has become clear now. The cunning Dare! riders chose a shortcut suggested to them by a wise shepherd who they encountered along the way. Will they be penalized? Stay tuned.

Latest update (12:00)

The situation in front has still not changed

1st Tobias Ebster (with a comfortable lead)

2nd Toni Mulec

3rd Libor Podmol

But there is a great battle for 4th place behind their back between Pastori and Dietrich.

The rest of the riders are slowly but surely battling their way through the special stage. 

Latest update (12:30)

Sorry for the little delay at the first fueling point. Our official gas smugglers were stopped by the police and had to smooth talk their way out of trouble. We fixed this quickly with a longer neutralization.

Latest update (13:02)

The first riders have reached the neutralization and refueling station in Korenica. Drop by and give them a cold beer. Non-alcoholic of course !

Latest update (15:00)

After a show of great sportsmanship, where Toni and Libor waited for Tobias to change his Stella, the top three riders are riding practically side by side towards next refueling point.