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Elevating the Dinaric Rally Safety

Auto Maher – The Ultimate Choice for Discerning 4×4 Addicts

Auto Maher’s story began in 2003 when nine-year-old Josip Kemfelja, driven by curiosity, crashed his father’s car into a well in their backyard. With a father who fixed cars, Josip was told he had to repair it himself.

In January 2019, Josip founded Auto Maher, a badass auto workshop with a strong focus on off-road vehicles and innovative solutions. Starting in a chilly garage, Auto Maher has evolved into a heated facility with five car lifts and a kickass team of five.

At Auto Maher, they are not your average professionals. They are a tight-knit crew who handpicks 4×4 drivers craving reliable expertise. With their extensive experience and deep knowledge of everything 4×4, they’re the go-to destination for off-road enthusiasts seeking top-notch service and next-level craftsmanship.

They’re more than just mechanics. They understand the unique needs of 4×4 vehicles. That’s why at Auto Maher, they offer custom solutions and cutting-edge modifications that elevate your ride’s performance, durability, and overall badassery. They innovative mindset and passion for pushing off-road engineering boundaries make them Croatian industry leaders in delivering personalized solutions that exceed expectations.

Trust us! Bring them your 4×4 baby, and they’ll give it the attention it deserves. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, their skilled technicians deliver exceptional results, ensuring your off-road adventures are not only thrilling but also worry-free.

Auto Maher and Untamed colaboration

We at Sport Club UNTAMED are proud to unveil our partnership with Auto Maher – the renowned sponsor and partner! 

With their exceptional off-road servicing and enhancement capabilities, Auto Maher will play a vital role in equipping and maintaining our fleet of 4×4 off-road vehicles. This collaboration aims to lift up the Dinaric Rally experience by building our 4×4 vechicles into the bullet proof amphibians so we coul provide even better, swiftest assistance to injured Dinaric riders and even more efficient extraction of malfunctioning motorcycles, quads, and SSV vehicles.

Auto Maher’s reliable parts supply and equipment services further solidify their position as our exceptional long-term partners, with a specialization in off-road vehicles. We sincerely look forward to a permanent and fruitful cooperation with the company Auto Maher, known for its exceptional expertise, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Auto Maher stands as an industry leader in the realm of off-road vehicles, surpassing expectations with their rich legacy and extensive experience. Their unrivaled expertise has firmly established them as a trusted authority, catering to off-road enthusiasts with unwavering commitment. As our exclusive partner, Auto Maher brings unparalleled knowledge and specialization to the table, ensuring our vehicles are equipped to handle the demanding terrains of the Dinaric Rally.

Entrusting our fleet to Auto Maher ensures the highest level of reliability and preparedness for the challenges that lie ahead in the Dinaric Rally.

Comprehensive Support and Unparalleled Reliability

One of the key aspects of our collaboration with Auto Maher is their commitment to providing us with an extensive range of spare parts and equipment. This ensures that we have immediate access to necessary replacements, essential for overcoming any unforeseen circumstances during the demanding stages of the rally. Auto Maher’s reliable supply chain and efficient inventory management enable us to remain fully prepared, swiftly addressing any obstacles that may arise and continuing our mission of delivering efficient assistance and rescue services to fellow rally participants.

In addition to their exceptional servicing capabilities, Auto Maher will also provide us a fleet of vehicles for the Dinaric Rally. These purpose-built off-road vehicles will play a pivotal role in navigating the challenging terrains, enabling our team to swiftly reach incident locations with unparalleled efficiency.

As we embark on this thrilling journey with Auto Maher, we extend our deepest appreciation for their commitment and support. Their invaluable contributions, including vehicle enhancements, spare parts supply, and vehicle rentals, will be integral to our success in providing rescue and recovery services during the Dinaric Rally. Auto Maher’s outstanding reputation, coupled with their expertise, positions them as an industry leader in off-road vehicle servicing and enhancement.

Join us as we witness the transformation of the Dinaric Rally, thanks to our exceptional partnership with Auto Maher.