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Navigation by GPS – Dinaric 2021

Adventure classes on the Dinaric Rally are navigated by GPS, but riders can navigate by Roadbook too. Combining GPS and Roadbook navigation at the same time, less experienced riders have the opportunity to practice Roadbook navigation.

The organizer will make sure that all riders, depending on the chosen mode of navigation, receive a roadbook (paper or electronic) or GPX track on time.

The organizer undertakes that the exact route of the rally will remain secret until it is delivered to the riders.

Riders are solely responsible for the navigation and the devices they use for the navigation and are expected to be well versed in the technology they use for navigation.

GPS Support Corner will be availible every day at the rally bivouac, starting from the registration day.

At the GPS Support Corner following services will be available on demand and by preferential prices:

  • setuping the GPS devices
  • maps installing on the GPS devices
  • GPS Tracks installing on the GPS devices
  • setuping the smartphones
  • maps installing on the smartphones
  • GPS tracks installing on the smartphones

More info about the ROADBOOK navigation rules and regulations you can find here.

Our suggestions and more info about the navigation devices you can find here