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Collaboration with Quad Expert

At Sport Club UNTAMED, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional off-road adventure that captures the essence of the breathtaking Dinarides. This year, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration that promises to enhance the quality and excitement of our event – a strategic partnership with Quad Expert, a distinguished Croatian company specializing in CFMoto vehicle sales and service. With their reputation as the finest quad service provider in continental Croatia, Quad Expert’s involvement has become a cornerstone of our efforts. In this blog post, we delve into our burgeoning partnership, spotlighting the expertise and support that Quad Expert contributes to our journey.

Quad Expert: Guiding You to Off-Road Excellence

Quad Expert is a company that possesses an intricate understanding of the Dinarides, from the people’s mentality to our breathtaking yet demanding terrain.

Quad Expert’s name resonates within the quad community in continental Croatia as a symbol of outstanding service and unmatched expertise. A visit to their website,, unveils their dedication and fervor for all things related to quads. Situated in Lipik, Quad Expert has solidified its standing as the most respected and relied-upon quad service provider in the region. Their team of proficient technicians and mechanics possesses a wealth of knowledge tailored to the unique demands of quad enthusiasts.

No one comprehends better than them the challenges that quad vehicles participating in the Dinaric Rally face and, ultimately, the type of servicing required after the rally concludes. Quad Expert has honed its expertise within the Dinarides, and we can’t envision a better agency for quad vehicle servicing. This is affirmed by hundreds of drivers from continental Croatia, stretching from Zagreb to Osijek, who exclusively choose Quad Expert for servicing their CFMoto vehicles.

Setting a New Standard for CFMoto vechicles Service

In the realm of CFMoto quad vehicles, Quad Expert has set a remarkable standard. Their intimate familiarity with CFMoto machines, accumulated through years of hands-on experience, positions them as the go-to authority for maintenance, repairs, and enhancements. The level of expertise Quad Expert brings to handling CFMoto vechicles has garnered the admiration and trust of quad enthusiasts across the region.

Most seasoned quad riders in continental Croatia view Quad Expert as the ultimate benchmark of excellence in quad service.

A Year of Collaboration

Quad Expert’s support this year significantly enhances the Dinaric Rally experience. They’re actively involved in establishing safety teams and conducting rescue operations for riders. This collaboration underscores our commitment to maintaining a secure environment for all participants, ensuring safety without compromising the rally’s excitement.

A Future of Partnership

Looking ahead, the partnership between Sport Club UNTAMED and Quad Expert holds promise. With shared goals of enhancing the quad riding community and the off-road adventure experience, we’re eager for a journey of deeper collaboration. Our shared dedication to excellence and safety paves the way for a partnership with growth potential.

In Conclusion

The collaboration between Dinaric Rally and Quad Expert is a significant milestone. With Quad Expert’s unparalleled proficiency in quad servicing, especially CFMoto quads, and their vital role in ensuring safety, we’re poised to deliver an even more exhilarating and secure Dinaric Rally experience. As we continue this partnership, the future holds the promise of an off-road adventure that reflects the synergy between Dinaric Rally and Quad Expert.

Stay tuned for more updates on this collaboration as we embark on a journey that enriches the off-road adventure.

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