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Croatia full of life

Dear adventure seekers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and off-road aficionados, this article is tailored just for you! Whether you’re a dedicated off-road rider, an ADV enthusiast, or simply a dreamer of rally races, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect destination. In the following paragraphs, we’ll unveil the Dinaric Alps, an extraordinary gem nestled in the heart of Croatia, a destination that has eluded much of the world’s attention until now.

Dinaric Alps – Croatia’s Best-Kept Secret

The Dinaric Alps, also recognized as the Dinarides, have often lingered in the shadows of their more illustrious European counterparts. But for adventure aficionados like yourselves, this could very well be a concealed paradise waiting to be unraveled. Extending its majestic beauty across seven countries, Croatia included, this mountain range offers an exceptionally diverse landscape and breathtaking vistas that cater perfectly to your adventurous spirits.

Boasting vast forests, pristine rivers, steep trails, and towering peaks, the Dinarides stand as the ultimate playground for intrepid motorcyclists. Whether you’re a seasoned ADV rider or just embarking on your off-road journey, you’ll unearth trails and terrains here that will both challenge and awe you.

Your Passport to Dinarides’ Allure

Now, brace yourselves for thrilling news. Dinaric Rally, renowned for its spectacular adventure races and off-road escapades, has formed a dynamic partnership with the Croatian Tourist Board. This collaboration isn’t merely a marketing endeavor; it’s an earnest call to action!

Beyond being one of the off-road scene’s most exhilarating events, Dinaric Rally now serves as your guiding light to exploring these remarkable mountains. Collaborating with the Croatian Tourist Board ushers in exclusive opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the Dinaric Alps like never before.

A Vital Mission

Beyond offering you the chance for unforgettable motorcycle adventures in the Dinarics, we want to promote the idea that the Dinaric Alps are a valuable destination that the world needs to discover. Croatia is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty, and the Dinaric Alps are a significant part of this treasure.

Your support and enthusiasm are crucial for spreading awareness about this beautiful part of the world. By using hashtags like #CroatiaFullOfLife and #DinaricRally, you can help share the message about the Dinaric Alps and inspire other adventurers to join this journey.


We are proud that the Croatian Tourist Board has recognized us as an event of significance for promoting Croatian tourism, primarily for showcasing the Dinarides, our unique mountains that have been instrumental in the success of Dinaric Rally. It is no small achievement to be declared one of the few ‘top events’ in the country, especially when dealing with something as niche as rally raiding, which makes us even prouder of this recognition.

From our collaboration with the Croatian Tourist Board, we anticipate new opportunities to further promote Croatia in the world of rally and ADV motorcycling. We are confident that, in the upcoming year, if not sooner, we will be welcoming hundreds of new motorcyclists eager for the Dinaric adventure to Croatia.

We extend our gratitude to the Croatian Tourist Board for recognizing us, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership. See you in the Dinarides!