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Daily recap – Wednesday 24.08.

Day 2 is over. The riders set out early in the morning heading  northbound from Knin towards  and over the beautiful mountain of Lička Plješivica terrain. They then head towards the wonderful fields around the city of Korenica. The competitors then head back making their way to the river Zrmanja, following it and head back to Knin. 

The special stage was very challenging for some riders as it had very technical ”enduro” parts and challenging mountain climb sections. Another thing that was more tricky than yesterday was the navigation and quite a few of the competitors got lost.

Everyone’s already feeling it. The  riders are tired and the bikes need more and more repairs so the hardworking mechanics are tweeking the bikes till late in the night.

Next stop Bosnia!

Stay tuned to Dinaric Rally for updates!

Daily Recap: rally rider riding