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Entries closed for Quad / SSV!

Dear Dinaric competitors and future participants,

Taking into account the fact that there is only a very small number of ATV riders who have registered for this year’s event and thanks to our experience from the previous Dinaric rallies and from competitors’ feedback, we have made the following difficult yet responsible decisions.

The terrain of the Dinaric Alps is very specific.
This rough mountainous terrain can be challenging at times both for the competitors and for the vehicles. Here, like in no other rally, the differences between motorcycle and ATVs are evident and to put it simply, a terrain that is suitable for motorcycles may not be that suitable and attractive for ATVs and vice versa.
News travels fast among the moto community, and this is obviously one of the main reasons that there are only a few ATVs on this year’s entry list.

We have truly done our best and have really wanted to have a single event both for ATVs and motorbikes, but we have realized that it is best to have separate events as safety is also a big issue when both are competing together side by side.
We do not wish to compromise the safety of the competitors and the beauty of the rally. This decision will enable us to take the Dinaric to even wilder and more breathtaking places. Both for motorbikes and ATVs.

We are seriously thinking about organizing two separate rallies next year!
One rally would be for motorbikes and another one would be catered to Quads and SSVs held on different dates and with different special stages.

Because of all of the above-mentioned reasons we have made the decision to close registrations for Quads and SSVs for this year.

We know that this is a decision that may cause a stir, but we know that it is for the best. The organizers of any rally event take on a huge responsibility concerning the competitors’ safety and we stand firmly by our decision. We are aware that a lot of people may be upset but we know that in the long run rally racing will profit from it.