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Fuel Riders are solely responsible for their own fuel!

Minimal fuel independence for each stage as well as fuel refill points will be highlighted in the roadbook and gpx data.

The maximum distance of the next refueling point (gas station or improvized refuling point) will be less than 100 km. 

If the refueling point is on a Special Stage, riders refueling will receive a neutralization of XY minutes. Neutralizations will be marked in the roadbook and the GPS track.

If the fuel point is on a Special Stage, they cannot be used to service the vehicle. 


All riders with vehicles whose independence is less than 200 km (offroad riding) MUST have and show a fuel canister on the day of registration. This canister will be used for days when there is NO gas station on the track. For those days, riders will bring their canisters FILLED WITH a FUEL and hand them over (night before the stage) to the responsible person at the rally camp. The canisters will be transported to a point on the stage (which will be indicated on the Roadbook and the GPS river) where riders will be able to stop and refuel.

Canisters must be clearly marked with riders’s first and second name!!

It is strongly recommended that the canisters have a total volume of 10 liters.