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Dinaric 21 – Covid-19

Last update: Tuesday 3 August 2021

The corona situation, as we all know, tends to change abruptly and surprise at the last minute.
Currently, the situation in Croatia is quite favorable and we hope that it will develop in an even better direction. What will really be tomorrow – no one knows! Or somebody does? Hmh…

One of the Dinaric Rally tracks, this year, will be ridden in another country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. So, border crossings are inevitable.

At the moment, crossing the border from HR to B&H is very simple and if you stay in B&H for less than 12 hours (transit) there are no special requirements and obligations.
The stage in B&H is carefully planed so that all riders have enough (barelly enough :)) time to exit the Country within 12 hours.

In case you spend more than 12 hours in B&H, when on the border, you will be asked for a proof of vaccination or confirmation that you have already recovered from Covid 19 (issued not longer than 6 months ago).
If you don’t have neither one of these confirmations, it is necessary, upon return to Croatia, to do a quick antigen test. The test results will be sent to the police and the police. From the moment of geting back to the address of your accommodation untill the police give you permission, you must stay in self-isolation!

For all those riders who stay in B&H longer than 12 hours and do not have the above confirmation of Covid vaccination or of recovery, a quick antigen test will be organized immediately upon return to Knin. The test results will be immediately forwarded to the police and the police will immediately issue the permission to freely contiue the rally and your stay in Knin.

In case the rider is Covid positive, the usual rules apply and the rider, unfortunately, will not be able to continue the race. 

Dinaric Rally is organized in accordance with current healthy regulations and if necessary, we will adapt to any possible new measures!

We hope there will be no unpleasant surprises, looking forward to your arrival and the race.

Dinaric Rally 21 – 19 Covid. We win! 🙂