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It’s on! The final day of the Dinaric Rally!

Special stage 5 starts next to the river Cetina. They then ride along the Perućko lake and cross the beautiful bridge over the river Cetina. After that they head straight up the mountain Svilaja and then down to the vast fields towards the finish near the city of Knin.

Latest update (9:30)

The stage has started!

After 60km Ebster is in the lead and Mulec and Podvratnik are riding together in 2nd and 3rd place.

Latest update (10:50)

The leading riders have already descended from mount Svilaja and now they are riding on the fields heading towards the finish line.

Ebster is 1st but we won’t know who is fastest till they cross the finish line!

Latest update (11:35)

The first riders are just about to cross the finish line!

It’s over! 

Preliminary (unofficial) results:

1.Toni MULEC (Husqvarna) – 27:30:26

2. Libor PODMOL (Husqvarna) – 28:10:34

3. Tomaž PODVRATNIK (GASGAS) – 28:13:18

Remember, these are just the preliminary results!

Final Day Rally Riding