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Off to the mountains and fields of Bosnia!

…and were off to the mountains of Bosnia. Marathon stage, self-sufficient racing, that’s what it’s all about!

Riders have always been wanderers travelling around the world meeting new people and learning about other cultures. Bosnia is a country with a very rich history and very diverse landscape.

Today’s special stage takes the competitors through lush forests, breathtaking fields (Livanjsko and Glamočko) and up two very different mountains (Šator and Cincar). 

The finish of the special stage and bivouac is located in the ski resort Kupres.

All in all, we are sure the riders will have an unforgettable time in Bosnia.

Latest update (10:15)

– It seems that Tobias is having some technical problems immediately after the start of the special stage. Toni Mulec is helping him out.

Libor Podmol is in the lead!

Latest update (11:10)

– After 70 km of the special stage here are the standings

1st place  – Libor Podmol 

2nd place – Christian Pastori

3rd place – Florian Dietrich

Latest update (13:11)

– The leading group is at the second refueling point (155km) and they are ready to head out. Tobias is in the race but he is a loooong way back. Stay tuned on Dinaric Rally!

– Pastori is closing in on the leader Podmol on the vast Glamoć field.

Latest update! (15:15)

Breaking news! 

Libor Podmol has teken a wrong turn just before the finished and gone off the track and Pastori has passed him! Podmol is back on track now.

– Pastori crosses the line first! Well done. Great riding and navigational skills!

Latest Update (16:15)

First three to cross the finish line:

  1. Christian PASTORI
  3. Ferdinand KREIDL

Well done everyone!